A custom fishing rod consists of five basic components. The rod blank, grips, reel seat, guides and thread. You choose each of these components and I'll do the rest! Take time to read each

1)  The rod blank -What type of fishing do you do? Where do you fish? From a boat or shore? From a pier? Do you fish saltwater or freshwater? What line and lure weight do you use? E-glass or graphite? The answers to these questions (and maybe a few more) will give me the information I need to make a rod blank recommendation for you.                                

2)  The handle - Choose your grip Do you prefer cork, EVA foam or carbon fiber? Full or split grip? Grip length? Again, these are some of the questions I will ask to ensure you receive exactly what you want

3)  The reel seat - Choose your style! Is this a casting or spinning rod? Do you prefer aluminum or graphite? Reel seats come in various sizes, shapes, material and colors. They can also be laser engraved with your name or special messages if you prefer.  I will help you decide which reel seat is best for you and your new custom rod!

4)  The guides - Choose your type! Stainless steel or Titanium guide frames? Do you fish with braid or monofilament line?  I'll help you choose the guides that not only add to the overall performance of your rod, but also add to the appearance!
5)  Thread - Choose your colors! Do you have a favorite color?  A favorite sports team? The possibilities are endless. I'll help you choose what best compliments your custom rod!

Last, Choose any extras for your custom rod! Want your name on the rod?  A special message?  Your favorite team's logo maybe? How about a four-leaf clover finished into your rod? Maybe even a laser-cut decal of the your favorite fish?  If you can imagine it, I can add it to your rod build.

The possibilities of design are endless! If you can answer just a few of the above questions, I can help you decide your components and build you a one-of-a-kind custom rod!

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